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AP1 714 Irons Really Worth Your Getting! -

Titleist have announced the launch of the new AP1 and AP2 (714 Series) irons. The new irons feature precise, progressive designs which have been developed by the Titleist Golf Clubs R&D team to produce optimum launch, trajectory and distance by loft. A new advancement in design sees an CG height progression, precisely designed into both models, this creates higher launching long irons and flatter launching short irons for more carry distance with in turn produces more control to help players stop the ball on the green, closer to the hole.

So now I am still in need of a set of irons. I have decided to save up this winter to purchase them in the spring and maybe have enough to splurge on some really great ones. I have done plenty of shopping, both online and in stores, for irons. I just haven’t pulled the trigger, and the question is: what to buy? Despite the fact that they are old, I really love my DCIs. This has led me to the Titleist AP1 irons. As for a new set, I need to be sure they are worth it for me, the average golfer.

The most attractive thing about the AP1s is that they are forgiving. Let’s face it, you don’t get a 20 handicap with a swing that is exactly the same each time. It really helps to have a club with an ample sweet spot to accommodate the variations in my clubhead speed, as well as my striking angle. Obviously no club can make up for everything, but some, including the AP1, are better than others. The other thing I noticed is that the ball flight is a bit higher, especially with the shorter irons. I find that really attractive as many of the courses I play were designed by Donald Ross, and if you don’t bring the ball in high, you don’t have a chance.

So, I have convinced myself that the Titleist AP1s are the irons for me. After extensive research, I am also convinced that I don’t really need to spend $1,000 on a brand new set after discovering the world of used golf clubs. Instead of saving up so much money for a brand-new one I can buy used now and still have time to get some practice in this season.

And I want to say that the AP1 1 714 Irons really worth what you spent. They are always thought to be one of the best game improvement golf clubs for sale. Moreover, the taylormade sldr irons are also among those sets. So, if you do not want AP1 sets, you can also take a look at the sldr series. As we all know, taylormade golf clubs are always be good at providing long distance with the longer shafts.

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