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Don't Be Shocked by the Availability of Titleist 716 Irons -

When the first time you saw the Titleist 716 Irons Debut at Quicken Loans National, you would surely doubt when they will be available for purchase. Till now, it has been several months since the new Titleist 716 Irons launched. How do you think now? I think that the new 716 irons would not let most of you down. And it is really a big question for why we should choose the 716 series among so many new golf clubs for sale.

Although Titleist has yet to release official documentation on the upgrades we’re going to see in the new clubs, we know a few things. The 716s are made up of five sets: AP1, AP2, CB, MB and a new addition, the T-MB.  What the T-MB brings to the table is uncertain, but we know for sure that the “T” stands for “Tungsten.” The weight that runs along the entire sole and covers the lower portion of the muscle pad appears to be crafted of this metal, and if so, these may be a game changer.

With the weight distribution changed this dramatically; the T-MBs should be incredibly forgiving and with better feel than muscleback models of the past. The AP1s, AP2s and CBs are also stamped with the word “Tungsten,” so whether this is a marketing ploy or represents a major change to the Titleist 714 irons remains to be seen. In the titleist ap1 714 irons for sale, tungsten accounted for roughly 20 percent of the head weight to increase the moment of inertia without having to increase the length of the blade — that meant a lot more power and playability out of a smaller iron, increasing the workability for the wallop.

However when you look at works of art like the Titleist 716 MB irons then you realise why they still make them and why people still play them. They glint and tempt you to take them on and master them like a rodeo horse standing calmly in the pen before being released into the ring.The 716 version features a higher, more curved muscle back that not only increases the material behind the sweet spot but also gives a fresher, more stylish look than the straight line muscle on the previous 714 MB irons.The toe is also a little squarer to enhance the look at address, which can only be described as compact.

The 716 CBs also got a serious rework, with a thicker piece of metal on the lower part of the cavity. They look more like the Titleist 990s than the 714s, so what new technology comes with that new design remains to be seen. Maybe major winners like Adam Scott, who currently plays the Titleist 716 MB irons, could benefit from the feel, feedback and the ball shaping options blades give, but surely something like the Titleist CB 716 irons are hardcore enough these days even for him? And a titleist 915f 3 wood would be a good club to be used together with the 716 irons.

So far, the pros are loving these new clubs. Jason Bohn told “I’m impressed with the new irons. I always look forward to trying out the irons, and these don’t disappoint.”  Not very specific praise, but certainly a hint that the latest generation of Titleist gear to drop may be a redesign rather than a regurgitation of older models.

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