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Have You Ever Used a K15 Wood Before? -

Today, seldom people would like to buy old model golf clubs. Because golf clubs are updating very fast each year or months.  People always like new things, so do the golf clubs for sale. However, in my opinion, not all the old model golf clubs are worthless. Some old clubs are also very helpful in improving your game. For example, there are still lots of players prefer old ping clubs like the K15 or G20 or G25 clubs.

And today, I want to talk about the Ping K15 Fairway Wood. Like the driver the new K15 Fairway Wood from Ping hits the nail on the head for those looking for something consistent and easy to hit from the fairway. The head is stylish and sits well behind the ball and just seemed effortless to hit, with a high and straight ball flight. A must try for high handicappers looking for a reliable fairway wood solution.

The Ping K15 fairway woods are ideal for those who struggle with fairways. The head is oversized and with a longer, deeper face the Ping G15 fairways and this provides excellent levels of forgiveness. As the head the larger than standard it gives a great zing sound at impact and the feel is very good too. The flight is a little higher than a G15 fairway, but not much and as long as you are not playing in windy conditions, mid-handicappers could consider this ping k15 3 wood too.

The SF Tec (Straight Flight Technology) ‘bulge’ on the heel side of the sole is subtle and helps to turn the club over at impact to reduce the likelihood of a fade. Overall the K15 is a great fairway wood for higher handicappers.  You can also find this technology in ping g25 driver and woods. Exactly like its bigger brother driver- this club is confidence inspiring at address with its large head and has high, straight flight and very forgiving. Great club for high handicaper from all situations.

Another stunning fairway wood from Ping. The K15 fairway produces high, long and straight shot with a minimum of effort and fuss.  For the mid to high handicapper looking to improve this a stunning choice because you'll immediately have the confidence to play a fairway wood from a variety of lies. The K15 also performs well off the tee.

My only reservation might be the price, with the G15 fairway already on the market the K15 would seemed to be aimed at the higher handicapper who might not want to pay such a premium. On the other hand you get what you pay for and with the K15 you get a cracker!

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